13 days and counting!

With 13 days to go until my I perform Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with the Bournemouth Philharmonic Society and Questa Voce Choir, I’m taking every opportunity I can to practice in between rehearsals!!!!

As anyone who has listened to, or played the 4 concertos, knows, each season comes with its own set of difficulties.  Vivaldi was at the forefront, and in fact was one of the first, if not the first Baroque composer to write descriptive music, and encapsulating the visual representations that come with the music is vitally important.  The bird song of Spring, the unpredictable weather of summer, the fox hunt of Autumn and the force of the elements through Winter all beautifully orchestrated to take the audience on a journey.

As a performer, the key to playing descriptive music successfully is to take your own feelings about the subject and portray them through your playing, using various techniques, whether it be with bowing or a particular style of playing.  The ferocious nature of Winter, for example, requires a very determind and heavy bowing technique, to fully portray angry storms, biting winds, chattering teeth and running into the house from the rain.  By contrast, Spring, in all its new birth, needs a delicate gentle, and lighter feeling bowing technique, to portray the gentle song of the birds, the emerging flowers and warming of the land.

For tickets to see this performance on March 21st, at St Peters Church, Parkstone, Poole, head to www.questavoce.com for tickets.